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Do you need soil prepared for seeding ?
Alberta Dirt Works can covert your old ratty lumpy lawn, unfinished lot or even waste land into a beautiful prepared soil bed and even reseed it in ONE PASS.

Our advanced soil preparation system will completely chew up an old lawn or rough soil, pulverize it and bury any stones, clods, lumps, old turf and other trash 5 to 6 inches under a layer of fine screened soil. It's truly an amazing system for converting rough soil into a level soil bed and even reseeds new grass in at the same time.

If you need soil prepared for planting grass whether in a new acreage or an
old yard, We can get your dirt ready for planting.

Dirt works has specialized soil preparation equipment for large yards, acreages, pastures and even large commercial jobs.

We can take a lumpy, weed infested plot of soil or even an old lawn and within a few hours have a beautifully prepared and reseeded soil bed in place or ready for sod installation, hydroseeding or garden.

  The cost advantage to this technique is extremely attractive and affordable. You can replace horrible old lumpy, bumpy lawns without digging out the old turf in a matters of hours.

With our advanced soil renovators and preparation equipment we turn old turf, rough ground
and waste land into a PERFECT seed bed in one pass. We can even seed it at the same time.

From old turf to a newly seeded soil bed in ONE pass
soil prep

This equipment can turn you old ratty acreage lawn, sports field or pasture Into a beautiful level bed of fine soil. The unit buries all of the old thatch, clod and stones 5 inches under a layer of fine sifted top soil. We can mechanically reseed at the same time with this unit or hydroseed it after.

roughsoil          soil prep
        Rough and stoney soil ..no problem              Turns old turf and weeds into a seed bed


Dirt and Soil Services, Hydroseeding, Mechanical Seeding,
Lawn & Horse Pasture Renovations / Restorations

Clay Soil Treatment - Clay Doctor

Drain Field Medic - Restoration of failed septic drain fields in clay soil

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Home & Acreage
Commercial & Land Reclamation

Soil Preparation for Acreage yards:

If you have a new acreage home with an unfinished yard and require leveling, weed eradication, tillage and lump reduction, soil treatments & amendments, seed bed preparation for seeding, sod and hydroseeding we have the equipment and know how to get it done right.



Soil Preparation for Commercial, Industrial
and Oil Field sectors.

Federal, Provincial and Municipal Government projects. Parks, Campgrounds and Natural Areas.

Soil Remediation, Restoration & Reclamation

Add organic mass and nutrients to waste soils

Site Clean-ups

Install new sports fields

Revitalization of old turf for parks and sports fields.

Residential Lawn Restoration / Renovation

We offer a cutting edge biological method of restoring old ratty weed infested lawns. This is a unique process produces very dramatic results for old lawns.

This can be done without digging up and removing the old lawn ! affordable and cost effective.

The process involves using a high volume of liquid Organic amendments like ultra enzymes, soil softener, compost tea, microbe infusion, natural sugars, soil enhancers, PH balancing products and many other cutting edge natural biological enhancements that fix, revitalize and restore microbial activity to old exhausted soil.

We often reseed the entire lawn with Eco Grass and top dress it with high organic mass liquidized compost-soil matrix as well...the result is a dramatic pulse of organic activity and explosive growth of both the old lawn and new seed.

People with 50 year old nearly dead lawns have been amazed that their old lawn looked like new in a matter of weeks. The new lawn will be much lower maintenance and require less water, herbicides and fertilizers.

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 Clay Doctor -  Turn hard pan clay into soft and fertile loam in a single treatment. Great for pastures and riding areas.
Drastically improves drainage as well.


Clay Doctor -  Clay soil modifier.
Turn hard pan clay and compacted soils into soft and fertile loam in a single treatment.

Organic Non Chemical Weed Eradication
& Vegetation Control

Erosion Control

Enhanced Hydroseeding


Mechanical and No-Till Drill Seeding

Mosquito Control for Parks and Major Events

Top Dressing & Overseeding for Parks, Soccer Fields, Schools and other Recreation Areas


Horse Pasture Renovations

Is your horse pasture getting permanent bald spots ?

We are one of the few companies in Western Canada that specializes in restoring old worn out Horse pastures . Once a pasture has been overused, it will rapidly deteriorate and your forage will stop growing. Extensive over use by horses can result in severe compaction or a build up of salt (from their urine) which over time will result in almost sterile soil that will not support desired plant growth and toxicity.

Once this happens weeds will start to take over. We can test, balance and restore the soil fertility, then replant more vigorous forage. Salt reduction can be done quickly and kept to minimum over time with the simple application of some low cost treatments.

This pasture renovation process can also include removal of low spots, pits and lumps. Eradication of weeds and invasive plants. Soil treatments for high clay or low fertility soils. Over we can restore the pasture to a condition better than original and keep it that way over time.

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Horse Pasture Restoration


Sales, Delivery and Installation of
Soil Products,
Additives and Amendments

Compost Pellets
Microbe Rich Living Top Soil
Manure Pellets
Compost Tea & Soil Microbe Inoculations
Salt Reduction Treatments
Algae Control
Clay and Alkali Soil Treatments

Horse Bedding - Pine Wood Shavings
Animal Bedding

Industrial wood fines and sawdust for drilling fluids additives, spills and mixing with drill cuttings

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